A downloadable Lemuria for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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A first person puzzle game that dives into the depths of the lost mines of Lemuria. The player will solve puzzles and discover the truth hidden at the bottom of Lemuria.

Remos is a kindhearted soul. He will tell you stories that will warm your heart. What you will love the most about Remos is his endless encouragement, because in his eyes, you are perfect. Unfortunately, you will not meet Remos in Lemuria, instead, you will meet a grumpy old man named Marthus. His stories will freeze your heart. What you will hate the most about Malthus is his endless criticism, because in his eyes, you are are not good enough. You will never be good enough. If you struggle to solve the challenges ahead, you should just hand your dignity over to Marthus where it belongs. 


Director:     Benjamin Hansen

Level Designer:     Josh Peters


  • Benjamin Hansen
  • Randy Amundson
  • John Detter


Music: Elliot Callighan (https://soundcloud.com/ramova/lemuria) and Benjamin Hansen (https://soundcloud.com/bhans-1/lemuria-2)

Install instructions


  1. After the download has successfully completed, extract zip file into a folder (name the folder anyway you want to). 
  2. Once you have completed the extraction, open the folder that you just made.
  3. Double-Click Lemuria


Lemuria Download 110 MB
Version 1 Jan 04, 2019
Lemuria Download 116 MB
Version 1 Jan 04, 2019
Lemuria Download 116 MB
Version 1 Jan 04, 2019


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whooooooo, that game is amazing, now really have goosebumps, but besides that, the game have a uncountable of magnificent feature's, like the music in the hall, and puzzle, or the charismatic lantern, the cementary with the history of the lantern, etc, is so....
Beautiful, for my, this demo is 9,5/10, i really love this demo, and i trust in bumpstudios to steer this game. (srry for my english, is not my mother tongue)

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What an AMAZING demo you have created I am so excited to see this as a full game! Something I would like to see (maybe it's in the full game) is how we got to Lemuria/why we are there, I grasp the concept of you wake up with no recollection, if somehow in the story we're related to something or a twist is supposed to be revealed about it/us. But the only thing I had trouble/a problem with is one of the puzzle rooms (for me personally i have a really hard time figuring out where I am in relation to the room. I would love for the doorway or the specific square we are in front of glows when its on, just to have a sense of where we are related to the map) in my video at 18:10 I show a picture of the room I had HUGE trouble with. But besides that I fell in love with this game from the demo and I'm soo SOO excited to see truly how far we will go to escape Lemuria! I look forward to the full game! 🖤🖤🖤

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I just want to tell you that I really enjoyed this game, My GOSH. The demo ends right at the climax of the story and the music puts a great touch the gameplay, but here are a little critiques that could make the game better. 

- press had an extra 's' and is spelled "presss" in the demo ( not really anything but a simple fix."

- I'd imagine that there will be a settings in-game when it releases and will allow for the gamer to change display and resolution

- The passionate music played when the lantern reminisces about his past lovers sets a great tone to the gameplay. It would also be great if we could find out more about the lantern earlier in the story and why we have a need for him besides that it's dark, why he's stuck in the lantern, and what he has to do with the relations between him and the codye kid. (Sorry if I miss spelled his name.)

- A cool idea could be that gamer controlled character takes over the screen and pulls out a letter to write/or written of who he is and what happened to him, being that reason why he has come to Lemuria. Is he an explorer or an unfortunate victim to Lemuria. 

This helps and allows for the gamer to get a better understanding of the character and feel more towards the characters in the story. Additionally, there could be an added flair to the lantern like a flame lit eyeball or a little person.

- The puzzle based on the prism shaped rubies on the stone casket was intriguing and kudos to whoever came up with the idea. 

In conclusion, this game is remarkable to still be in development and if I had to rate Lemuria, I'd give it an 8/10

Hope to see more 


We appreciate the feedback! This will be helpful for our next release in the beta cycle. 

Really nice game. The puzzles are cool and the ending is terrifying. However, i feel like the horror comes in a little late.

Thanks so much for posting the video. You gave us good feedback for our next release.

I was not expecting anything to pop up man XD. YOU TOTALLY CAUGHT ME OFFGUARD!! But I enjoyed it. I did use my head today so that's good. Puzzles got tricky at times but no match for me ;)

Thanks for playing. Best reaction yet! I loved how you just barley made it out. That made it super suspenseful to watch.

Great game, I died for a strange creature in a phase,


Apart from the need for more diverse puzzles, it's a nice puzzle game with touches of horror in it. 

Here's my channel if you want to see other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Hey thanks for playing. Our next release will have more horror in it. We plan on taking out some of the puzzles and putting more of the ending type stuff.

Why not both. 🤷‍♂️


this was awesome! the puzzle thing was definitely different! :D awesome job on making this game :D 

Thanks for playing the game! You seemed to be disoriented in the introduction. Any thoughts on how to fix it so you feel less disoriented?

Haha don't worry about the intro :) i am literally used to starting on a Menu screen so it kind of made a change :) unless you do it where you have to walk further down the hall before triggering the narration? :) upto you :D 


I honestly wasn't expecting much after the first couple of puzzles, but by the time I hit the tavern, everything was starting to click. The tavern music was amazing, and I definitely didn't see that twist coming.

Thanks for playing! We will add a sensitivity option now that you have brought it up. We like your interest in the story. Most people have been skipping the dialogue in the graveyard.

I know it's boring that I just stop and listen to whatever's being said, but I've played too many games where advancing the story during a conversation either cuts off the current dialog or queues the next dialog right behind it so it plays after it's relevant and the conversation becomes disjointed.


By the time I got to the end of the demo I really was getting into the game and was left wanting more!! Love the voice acting and I am really looking forward to the full version! 

Thanks for playing the game! I really enjoyed the way you played our game. Great personality! Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Email us at support@bumpstudios.us so we can reward you for playing our game. 

Thanks and Keep Bumping!


Hey! I really enjoyed your demo. I played it as part of a series for my youtube channel if you want to see outsider gameplay/commentary! (Yours is the second game in, feel free to check it out)

Thanks for playing the game! You gave great feedback! Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Email us at support@bumpstudios.us so we can reward you for playing our game. 

Thanks and Keep Bumping!


Nice! Very well done!

Thanks for playing the game! Great personality and feedback! Keep up the videos! Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Email us at support@bumpstudios.us so we can reward you for playing our game. 

Thanks and Keep Bumping!


Really well done! Really surprised me ;)

Thanks. I am glad you got a rush from it :)

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